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Company NameIssue TypeOffer Price
Issue OpenIssue CloseIssue Size
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List Price
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IRIS Clothings Public Issue 90.0010/10/201812/10/20181,107.36----
BCPL Railway Infrast Public Cum O...35.0005/10/201811/10/20181,701.00----
S M Gold Public Issue 30.0003/10/201810/10/2018750.00----
Veeram Infra Enginee Public Issue 51.0028/09/201808/10/20181,074.06----
B&B Triplewall Conta Public Issue 36.0028/09/201805/10/20181,999.08--37.80
Shubham Polyspin Public Issue 40.0028/09/201804/10/2018600.0041.80--
Aki India Public Issue 11.0028/09/201803/10/2018308.0011.05--
Dinesh Engineers Public Issue 185.0028/09/201803/10/201818,500.00----
Marine Electricals Public Issue 66.0028/09/201803/10/20184,287.36--66.60
Silgo Retail Public Issue 36.0027/09/201803/10/2018488.16--36.45
Sun Retail Public Issue 23.0027/09/201803/10/20181,011.5436.00--
Vinny Overseas Public Issue 40.0028/09/201803/10/20181,036.80--40.50
A-1 Acid Public Issue 60.0025/09/201801/10/20181,800.0061.00--
Dolfin Rubbers Public Issue 26.0027/09/201801/10/2018520.0027.50--
Garden Reach Ship Public Cum O...118.0024/09/201801/10/201834,468.70104.00102.50
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