Basis of Allotment

You can view various companies IPO basis of allotments. Click on the name of the company to get more details.
Company NameIssue TypeFace ValuePremiumIssue OpenIssue Close
Godha Cabcon & Insulation Ltd. Public Issue 102327/04/201803/05/2018
SoftTech Engineers Ltd. Public Cum Of...107027/04/201803/05/2018
Dhruv Consultancy Services Ltd. Public Issue 104427/04/201802/05/2018
Akshar Spintex Ltd. Public Cum Of...103027/04/201803/05/2018
Aakash Exploration Services Ltd. Public Issue 104617/04/201819/04/2018
Garv Industries Ltd. Public Issue 10012/04/201817/04/2018
Power & Instrumentation (Gujarat) L... Public Issue 102311/04/201811/04/2018
Soni Soya Products Ltd. Public Issue 101528/03/201804/04/2018
Narmada Agrobase Ltd. Public Issue 102228/03/201811/04/2018
SS Infrastructure Development Consu... Public Issue 103028/03/201805/04/2018
Vera Synthetic Ltd. Public Issue 103028/03/201804/04/2018
MMP Industries Ltd. Public Issue 1017828/03/201804/04/2018
AVG Logistics Ltd. Public Issue 109728/03/201803/04/2018
Lemon Tree Hotels Ltd. Public Cum Of...104626/03/201828/03/2018
Taylormade Renewables Ltd. Public Issue 102522/03/201827/03/2018
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