Book Closures

You can view the book closure details of companies with their date and purpose.
Company NameFrom DateTo DatePurpose
Astral Poly Technik 19/08/201825/08/2018Final Dividend
Gautam Exim 20/08/201829/08/2018Final Dividend
IFGL Refractories 20/08/201825/08/2018Final Dividend
Vimta Labs Ltd. 20/08/201825/08/2018Final Dividend
I G Petrochemicals 21/08/201822/08/2018Final Dividend
Kajaria Ceramics 21/08/201827/08/2018Final Dividend
Vinyl Chemicals 21/08/201831/08/2018Final Dividend
Bharat Electroni 22/08/201824/08/2018Final Dividend
Greenlam Industries 22/08/201828/08/2018Final Dividend
Ind-Agiv Commerce 22/08/201828/08/2018Final Dividend
KPR Mill Ltd. 22/08/201827/08/2018Final Dividend
L&T Finance Holdings 22/08/201828/08/2018Final Dividend
Balaji Amines Li 23/08/201830/08/2018Final Dividend
Darshan Orna 23/08/201803/09/2018Final Dividend
Indian Oil Corp 23/08/201829/08/2018Final Dividend
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